PREVIEW: When BEES! Attack!


Bees are no joke.  They can swarm, suffocate and eventually kill their prey.  But this Thursday, BEES! will take a hilarious swing at the inspirado champions- Leviathan.  The musical improv team known for witty on the spot songs and crazy Narnia Bar Mitzfah’s, will take the stage this thursday night!  BEES! is made up of Jamie Cummings, Eliana Lane, Michael Lutton, Justin Moran, Desiree Nash, Steve Whyte, and Chaterine Wing.

Now, you must be thinking- wait a second, Michael Lutton is on both teams…That’s right, this thursday is a special Inspirado- LUTTON vs. LUTTON.

Will Lutton side with the current Inspirado champions, Leviathan?  Or will he do his best to undermine his current team so that BEES! can attack again!  You decide, this thursday, Feb. 2nd, Lutton vs. Lutton, INNNNSSSPPPIIIRADDDOOOO!!!!!!!!!

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Why The Sixties Were “F*in” Awesome


There are so many reasons why the seventies were awesome that I needed to narrow it down to just one letter, and that letter is M. As in MOD fashion. I’ll let you all in on a little secret…..I love everything about this look and I can totally pull it off.

Next we have the M&M Boys, namely Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. Even I would have been a Yankees fan in 1961 (shhh…don’t tell Boston).

And who can forget one of the greatest automobiles ever created? That’s right, the Mustang. Ford saw a particularly good year the in 1969 Boss 302.

What Hellis blog post would be complete without MUSIC? 



But the most important “M” occured in 1969. Man walked on the Moon.

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Test Run… 1/31/12


Right… So I’m writing this in text edit…. Maybe signing up for wordpress would have been a more logical first step.

So I guess if this is to officially be my first knock at this shit, I should probably give a brief explanation of myself, and what I’m attempting to do here. Firstly, I will issue a warning. I am not classically trained, do not subscribe to any sort of writing style, and am personally quite sick of some white hairs in Oxford telling me how I should write (meaning, if you are a grammar nazi, eat one…) I write how I speak, or just how I damn well please. I am quite foul mouthed, and enjoy conveying over the top nonsense, and will not be afraid, or take caution in trying not to offend. I mean well, and if I at some point offend you, or your ideals, try…

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